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Barbara Schnell

In a career devoted to full-time employment avoidance, Barbara Schnell has worked in marketing at an insurance company (now defunct) and was a purchasing agent for a major San Francisco law firm (also now defunct but she claims to have had nothing to do with either failure--really). She restored a 1921 California Bungalow in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles. She set a cash-winning record (at the time) on $25,000 Pyramid and came in last on Jeopardy. She sang mezzo and played flute in the St. Paul's Cathedral Center choir....Life has been as interesting journey so far. With reference to writing credentials Barbara has had a short story, Grandma's Straw Hat, published in an anthology. Another short story, Tracks, will soon be published in Literary Landscapes. Six of her flash fiction stories have won the Southern California Writers' Association "Will Write for Food' contest and have been published in SCWA's collection.  She's also written two screenplays--she worked as an actress and is still a member of SAG/AFTRA, it seemed a logical medium to start in--and got lots of compliments but no cash...yet. First Year is her first novel. She serves as editor for her husband, Gordon Johnson, who's a technical writer. Oh! And she gets raves on her Christmas letter. She's busy working on her next book tentatively titled I was a June Bride. It's the story of a wedding done with no money, for a bride who's not at all sure she's doing the right thing, attended by feuding know, reality.